Functional 3D Printing

“What do you make besides toys?”

“Don’t you just throw most of the stuff away?”

Questions like these pop up a lot when somebody is thinking about getting into the 3D printing hobby. Well I can help justify picking it up!

I do, of course, end up printing toys, figures, and stuff for fun (including the door stopper in the post title). But I have found 3D printing great for little things around the house as well. Need adapters? Did a small piece break that renders a gadget useless? Well, your handy printer is there to help you out!

Below is a short gallery of some functional prints I have done. I will make more posts on the topic as time goes on…

Cable Holder
Cable holder mounted on the backside of a nightstand. Keeps thing nice and clean!

Baby Bottle Cap
My nieces bottle cap melted in the dishwasher, customized cap coming right up!

Boat Cover
Cover for an unused speaker hole in a boat. Printed in PETG to withstand direct sun.

EDC Stand
Modular Everday-Carry stand to keep nightstand drawer organized. The model is one stand that can be snapped together to make a whole tray.

Shelf Brackets
Custom shelf brackets for our oddly angled under-stairs shelf.

Speaker Stand
This speaker stand only came with carpet spikes, but needed some ground clearance for cabling. Printing time!

Pot Lid Tools
Pot lid rest to keep moisture in the lid, and pot lid holders to keep cabinets organized!

Saw Adapter
Adapter to connect my Shopvac to the DeWalt tablesaw sawdust port.

Umbrella Adapter
Our friends umbrella didn't fit in their umbrella stand. This nifty adapter printed in PETG made it usable!

Playdoh Tools
These are technically tools...used for playdoh. The roller has two hefty bearings and is smooth as butter.

Check back for more functional prints in the future!